Your TATTY BUMPKIN baby, toddler and children's yoga franchise!

Tatty Bumpkin is a unique, creative developmental programme inspired by yoga, and developed by Paediatric Physiotherapists, Educationalists and Yoga teachers. The classes are operated in nurseries, schools, parties, holiday clubs and centres nationally by men and women who came to us looking for a more flexible approach to working. You do not have to have yoga experience, more important is a sense of fun and the desire to run your own business.

Within a Tatty Bumpkin business, there are endless opportunities; nurseries, pre-schools, private classes, parties, wedding entertainment, holiday clubs... these are just some of the areas where Tatty Bumpkin excels.

Your territory will have a minimum of 20,000 babies and children 0-5 years, and in combination with the government initiative that walking 1-5 year olds should have 3 hours activity a day, you can see how exciting this opportunity is, especially as our programme is fully aligned to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) 0-5 years curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

You will receive full, accredited training and everything you need to run a business of your own that is scaleable and saleable.

When I first bought my Tatty Bumpkin franchise three years ago, I was filled with hope that I may have finally found the job of my dreams. 3 hardworking years later I still wake up every morning loving my job.
I put my heart and soul into this job, I live and breathe it. I have discovered that I have a talent with children! Helping children to play, learn, laugh and develop is pure joy to me- I am lucky enough to belly laugh everyday! – I feel very blessed to have found Tatty Bumpkin.
If you had asked me 3 years ago about the business side of the job I would have said “oh help” But with perseverance, practice, and a whole heap of support from head office I have massively improved my business skills and am now not scared to approach any challenge - I never think “ I can’t do it” anymore - I think “how can I do it”- Tatty has changed my outlook on life in such a positive way.
There isn’t a bad thing to tell you about- it fits around my young children, It provides me with a good salary, it keeps me fit and happy and I am surrounded by support from the other franchisee’s and head office. I can honestly say I love my job.
— Dai Alford – Winchmore Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

Successful business owners come from many different backgrounds - scientists, prison warders, performers,  accountants, business people, teachers, dancers, yoga instructors....Do you want to run your own flexible business with support from us and make a difference? Then this could be for you.

The success of the themes and lesson plans offer so much reward and the financial returns are high for low set up costs.  Full training and on going support benefits include:

  • Unique concepts in toddler activity, Keeping children active, having fun and developing.

  • Classes nurture toddlers’ natural love of moving to music, using their imagination to act and perform with play and fun!

  • Sole territory with exclusive rights to run under the business brand.

  • Franchise kit including operating manual, business stationery and teaching equipment.

  • Fully researched lesson plans, with copyrights constantly evolving and developing.

  • Ongoing support and meetings with active involvement into the growth of your company.

  • Online systems to help you develop your business.

  • You love interacting not only with children but adults too.

  • You are hard working and ambitious.

  • You have determination and an enthusiasm to succeed.

What would I be doing?

  • Manage your business on your exclusive territory of equal potential to other franchisees in the UK.

  • Source all venues for classes and manage venue costs.

  • Teach classes for all pre-school children within this territory

  • Manage any staff you employ for your business, for example dance teachers.

  • Market and advertise your business (grass roots marketing/magazine advertising).

  • Become the ‘face’ of the brand for your exclusive territory through effective PR.

  • Have a personally rewarding business, which adds to the community.

  • Have the flexibility to create your own promotions/pricing/special offers etc.

  • See here for what others have to say that have already done this.

  • See here for an illustration of a day in the life of a similar business owner.

When you make an initial enquiry into our franchise, that is the first step on your path to changing your career and lifestyle - whichever franchise you choose. We will gently guide you along the way... we will be a partnership - along the way you will do research and ask questions that ultimately will mean you make the right decision as to your next big move.

Yes - please contact me with some information:

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Hayley Simpson

Hayley Simpson has been a Tatty Bumpkin Franchisee in the Bedford area since March 2013. This is her story in her own words.

I worked in the private sector custodial services for over 9 years before meeting my husband during training in a Secure Training Centre for young people. I decided to have a change and left to pursue other possible careers. I then had my little girl and at 10 weeks old we discovered Baby Bumpkin classes. She loved the multi sensory class as she was a very alert baby and we were able to use some of the movements at home. I could see over time how the classes were aiding her development and it was a lovely social environment.

When I started to think about returning to work I wanted to do something that suited me and also fit in with family life so I looked further into Tatty Bumpkin teaching and franchises. A Tatty Bumpkin Franchise was perfect for me, it was active, fun and a challenge to run my own business. I participated in a discovery day and the more information I received the more excited I was about my new venture. Within a month I was pushing myself to do things I had never done before, researching the area and writing a business plan.

For the last year I have been running Tatty Bumpkin Bedford and although it is hard work I am exceeding my monthly targets and doing really well in areas that are new to the network. This has led to me working with Head Office to demonstrate my classes and ideas so they can formalise programs in these areas as well as being invited to talk at the annual conference this year. One of my biggest achievements this year is being a finalist in the Natwest EWIF Awards under the category, NomasVello New Franchisee of the Year 2014.

The classes are so unique it is easy to be passionate when telling other people about Tatty Bumpkin. The nurseries and schools I have visited love the idea and the products made by a fair trade co-operative. The children get so much from the classes emotionally and physically.

The advice from other Franchisees and the training and support from Head Office team have helped me to feel confident and in turn I have been able to help and support new franchisees. I would recommend teaching or taking on a franchise to anyone looking for a rewarding fun job.  

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Dai Alford

Dai Alford has been a Tatty Bumpkin Franchisee for Winchmore Hill since March 2010. Dai has since taken on the Enfield territory.

I have been practising yoga since I moved to London over 15 years ago. I generally practise about 3 or 4 hours a week and couldn’t live without it.

After I had my two children, Daisy and Poppy, I realised that I really wanted a more fulfilling job than the one I already had and so I looked into franchising.

I looked at a few different options but it was a friend of mine who told me about Tatty Bumpkin. I researched it a lot before I decided to buy the North London franchise Winchmore Hill) and the more I learnt about it, the more I wanted to be a part of it! Before signing, I was asked to put a business plan together and I presented it to the company with some trepidation! I was so nervous, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing but the whole process has been a great experience and a massive learning curve for me.

I put my heart and soul into this job, I live and breathe it. I have discovered that I have a talent with children! Helping children to play, learn, laugh and develop is pure joy to me- I am lucky enough to belly laugh everyday! – I feel very blessed to have found Tatty Bumpkin.

In 2 weeks time it will be my 4th year anniversary of owning my tatty franchise. When I look back what strikes me most is how smooth this ride has been. 

My goal when I started was to become financially self sufficient- 4 years on I have a mortgage, a lovely quality of life - have been able to take my children on lovely holidays for the past 3 years and money in the bank- I think I have achieved my goal!

I work from 9-3, 3 days a week and 9-5,  2 days a week.  I drop my girls to school every day and pick them up 3 times a week.  The job is fun, exciting and fits around my family- I truly could not be happier. 

Tatty has brought me prosperity, happiness and lots of new skills. I am looking forward to the next 4 years.    

Tara has been a franchisee in the west of Edinburgh since May 2012. This is her story in her own words.

For me starting Tatty Bumpkin in Edinburgh was a big life change. I worked in the public sector in a job with a reasonable and regular salary, but my daughter was starting school in a few months and I was keen to find something to do that would allow me to pick her up from school most days and be part of her school life. I had wanted to try my hand at running my own business for ages, but had no great ideas of my own.   I looked around at a number of franchises...

I liked Tatty Bumpkin because it was to do with movement – I really believe in physical activity for health and wellbeing. At the Discovery Day I was struck by the nurturing and encouraging nature of the class and the passionate and caring people who run Tatty Bumpkin. I then did some research locally into competitors. I spoke to some nursery managers in my area to see what their reaction was, and then I started to paint a picture in my mind of how it would work, and I worked out lots of scenarios – if I managed to get this many classes running every week, what would the financial return be...I needed Tatty Bumpkin to provide an income – not initially but after a while – it isn’t just a hobby!

Now I am two years into the franchise... It is lovely working with children every day and seeing them enjoy, mature and progress through the classes.   The product – the yoga-inspired stories fully supported with documentation to explain why it’s good for children – is an excellent product that works really well especially within nurseries. I was right about the people at Head Office – they are lovely, caring and supportive – as are all the other franchisees. Most of the work I do is to deliver classes, but of course there is admin, sales and marketing. It has become a family pastime looking for props to use in classes – we have such fun collecting stuff!  I also contract two teachers – it was hard to find the right people but great now to have colleagues here...and I have started to take money out of the business. Most importantly I fit my schedule around school hours so I am there for my daughter most days after school...  

Wendy Eynon has been a Tatty Bumpkin Franchisee in the Essex South East area since May 2012. This is her story in her own words.

I worked in Corporate Banking for more than 20 years in the UK and Asia. During this time I first came across Tatty Bumpkin pitching their Children’s brand on Dragons Den. At that time I didn’t have children - I was the least maternal person most people that knew me had ever met, I didn't have any interest in children as was too busy with my career and enjoying traveling and the child free lifestyle, but something in Sam Petters’ pitch struck a chord.

After meeting my husband and deciding to give parenthood a go (we had twins!) I soon found that becoming a mum was a pretty major life changing event and just didn’t see things the same anymore -  I felt like a completely different person! Luckily I remembered Tatty Bumpkin, mostly Sams’ mission to make children everywhere “Bendy, Giggly, Clever and Strong…” and knew in my heart I had to be involved!  Always one to follow my heart, I was so excited to find that the Franchise in this area was available………… and the rest just fell into place!

Aside from the fun aspect of Tatty Bumpkin (I’ve never laughed so much at work!) and the opportunity to meet so many amazing children, the quality is unmatched and makes me very proud to be Tatty Bumpkin Essex South East! The specially written music, wonderful adventures and colourful graphics and supporting materials all combined, give us a very powerful product, which I’m still gushing about 2 years in! 

I am especially thankful of the opportunity to be working for myself, which gives me the flexibility to fit in around my family and have a more reasonable work life balance. Having extracted myself from the corporate world, and inspired by my twins, I feel very fortunate (if not surprised) to be working with children - they are our next generation so having some part in their development and making it fun at the same time, is very exciting.

It’s a world away from my previous ‘life’, but I am so pleased that I made the move – there’s no doubt that running my own business is hard and I have spent many a late evening or weekend on the laptop, but at least it’s for my own benefit and now 2 years in, things are really starting to turn around. I am looking forward to growing my team (I currently have 2 teachers on board) and getting out there to pursue the many, many opportunities that are out there in my territory. Not forgetting of course, our mission to make children everywhere Bendy, Giggly, Clever and Strong!

Zoe Patmore

Zoe Patmore has been a Tatty Bumpkin Franchisee in the Oxford area since January 2009. This is her success story in her own words.

My first insight to Tatty Bumpkin was through their clothing. I was buying a top for my 3 year old boy and was bowled over by the quality and uniqueness of the product. These are two key qualities which have continued to shine through during my 5 year journey as a franchisee. Information regarding Tatty Bumpkins classes on the label lead me to a phone conversation with Sam Petter and Sam Morgan and within a month I was attending a Discovery Day. In all honesty I was not ready to go back to work yet.

Having walked away from a management position in a major Car Manufacturing company I was unsure about when I would return to the world of work, and additionally what exactly I would do as an alternative to the very demanding role I had previously been employed in. My key concern was to be able to find a job with a healthy balance which would enable me to work with my children at nursery/school. Within minutes of attending the Discovery Day I just knew that this franchise was a serious opportunity for me to find this balance.

I had been “on the circuit” of baby classes for the previous 2/3 years with both my young children and had been exposed to a variety of music classes, movement classes and development classes. All had their good and bad elements and had unknowingly been educating me on what works and doesn’t work well for mother and baby/child!.

My previous employment had taken in Sales and Marketing and I had a strong established interest in health and sport having previously been a professional ice skater. Yoga had played a big part in my skating training and I was intrigued to discover that babies and children could be introduced to a yoga inspired movement class. Everyone has qualities which they bring to the franchise making it successful and for me it simply felt as if I were pulling together lots of strands of string and combining them to make a rope!.

There are many strengths to Tatty Bumpkin which makes it hard to quantify exactly why I bought the franchise, however if pushed then its uniqueness and quality of their product were the key reasons. Over the past five years this company has evolved and grown and continues to be “ahead of the game” providing the franchise with a well-respected and successful curriculum. The expertise in the development of the program is outstanding calling on many strengths from very talented, creative, educated and skilled individuals. It really is a pleasure to work with head office. They give amazing levels of support and never fail to deliver on any request to help move your franchise along. Ultimately your success will come down to your efforts in delivering the program into the market place, but being lucky enough to have such a strong franchise network and supportive head office is crucial to making your franchise profitable.

My business has provided me with a respectable second income which I would have had to work much longer hours to achieve in a “normal” job. I am able to work around the school day ( whilst having the option to do more after school hours if needed) and plan with relative ease for the school holidays. Even five years in I still have only scratched the surface of business opportunities in my territory and can still see lots of scope to grow the business further when the time is right for my family and I.

The icing on the cake is the fact that I LOVE WHAT I DO!. There is never a dull moment in Tatty Bumpkins World with children, babies, parents and staff all enjoying our fun adventures and creative play. Some people think it is hard to find a job which makes so many people smile with such sincerity – I don’t -  I see it every time I teach a class!

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