Be your own boss!

Work for yourself in your own way!

Make a difference in local children's lives!

Get help & support to grow!

Be there for your children as they grow!

Fit your business around your family!


Get the confidence to take the first step!


Work closely with other similar business owners in other areas to benefit from their experiences!

Have your website, email address and IT done for you!

Have access to marketing materials already created!

Step-by-step approach to success!


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What is a franchise? It's like a 'business in a box'.

Put simply a franchise is a way of starting your own business that has been already proven to be successful in another geographical area. A franchise means you can have your own business, but you are not alone. Business materials and processes have already been designed for you to use. The franchise head office and other franchise holders in other areas support and advise you on how to get up and running and how to become successful. You are becoming part of something that WILL be successful if you put in the time and effort.

Starting your own business by yourself:

Starting your own business with franchise support:

What will my new business do?

I don't have experience in what I want to do

I don't have much business experience

How do I make a start?

I don't have confidence to get things moving

How do I create marketing materials?

What should I pay for marketing materials?

How do I create my website?

What should I pay for my business website?

How do I get my business on social media?

What should I pay for social media marketing?

Who should I advertise with to get a good return on investment?

How much should I pay for advertising?

How do I get my first customers?

Who should I call to work with schools?

How do I create a brand?

How do I make sure my business has a point of difference?

I am worried I might do things wrong

I am worried my progress will be slow

I am worried that I won't make money

I want this to be truly my business

Idea already formed and ready to start

You will receive training & constant advice

You will receive training & constant advice

Proven successful processes will be shared

Franchise support will give you confidence

These will be designed & created for you

These are all provided

You will receive your own website and email

This is included in your franchise fee

Help and advice is provided

This is included in your franchisee fee and help and advice is given

Receive advice from experienced business owners

Receive help advice & support

Get help and a process to follow

Get help, a process and advice

This has already been created for you

We already know why we get business and make sure we are ahead of the competition

Proven process means success - just copy!

We help so everything you do is effective

We help you so that you are successful

This is your business supported by us

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

Successful business owners come from many different backgrounds - scientists, prison warders, performers,  accountants, business people, teachers, dancers, yoga instructors....

Do you want to run your own flexible business with support from us and make a difference? Then this could be for you.

Full training and on going support benefits include:

  • Unique concepts in community sport with online league systems available.

  • Engage toddlers (Kiddikicks) in their natural love of games and competing, using their imagination with play and fun!

  • Sole territory with exclusive rights to run under the business brand.

  • Franchise kit including operating manual, business stationery and teaching equipment.

  • Fully researched session plans, where applicable (Kiddikicks).

  • Ongoing support and meetings with active involvement into the growth of your company.

  • Online systems to help you develop your business.

  • You are hard working and ambitious.

  • You have determination and an enthusiasm to succeed.

What would I be doing?

  • Manage your business on your exclusive territory of equal potential to other franchisees in the UK.

  • Source all venues for classes and manage venue costs.

  • Teach classes for all pre-school children within this territory

  • Manage any staff you employ for your business, for example football coaches.

  • Market and advertise your business (grass roots marketing/magazine advertising).

  • Become the ‘face’ of the brand for your exclusive territory through effective PR.

  • Have a personally rewarding business, which adds to the community.

  • Have the flexibility to create your own promotions/pricing/special offers etc.

  • See here for an illustration of a day in the life of a similar business owner.

Have much can I expect to make with my own sport based business?

To give you an idea of the potential income from your sport based business, we've put together some example projections. We believe in transparency and include in our projections the potential costs of running a business (overheads) including most of the outgoings that you will need to consider. Just complete the form below for more information.

The legal bit - it is important to emphasise that the above figures are projections provided for the purpose to illustration and are not intended to be as statement, representation, warranty or guarantee of individual franchise earnings. Your success will largely be down to the amount of effort and time that you put in and your should expect it to take a while to become established. It is essential that prior to entering into the franchise, you satisfy yourself of the value of the investment you intend to make in terms of both time and money.

This sounds like me! What next? Just complete the form for an information pack and to see a class!

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What will my working day look like?

Some words directly from the franchise companies:

Leisure Leagues Franchisee (Buying A New Area)

Julie and Adam manage our Leominster franchise in Herefordshire.

This was an area where we didn't have an existing league. Both work full time but were still able to sign up 16 teams within 3 weeks of their training day.

Leominster has a population of just 11,000, so they are already showing the benefits of being able to promote locally.

Their Monday night league is on course to make them a five figure profit from one evenings work per week and they already have plans to develop more leagues in their area.

Leisure Leagues Franchisee (Buying An Existing League)

Steve was looking for full time role and an instant return; he therefore chose to buy several existing leagues in the Cheshire area.

He now has over 120 teams playing in his leagues. Steve is looking to develop his region further, but is already on course to fully recoup his investment well inside the first year of trading and make a very substantial profit in year two.

Meet Maureen (L) and Karen (R) our umpires and franchisee (middle) Katy

Meet Maureen (L) and Karen (R) our umpires and franchisee (middle) Katy

Play Simply Netball - Franchisee Katy at Simple Netball Liverpool.

Enjoy watching girls play, enjoy the game and social side, the friendships that they form. The friendships that Katy forms. The bonds that are grown. Seeing their improvements at the game through encouraging training sessions.

Jack & Jen - Kiddikicks

What made you choose to start your own business (franchise)?

<JACK> We are both primary school teachers so do a variety of subjects including P.E. From the time we were at University we had wanted to start our own business, preferably in a sports related area. I had been working as a coach with Kiddikicks for about 5 years, so knew Sarah and James from the central franchise company because of this. We started the franchise in January 2014. We took the opportunity when Jen was on maternity leave to start the work for the Franchise.

We live in Thames Ditton, and cover North West Surrey. We chose Kiddikicks rather than starting our own business from scratch because it had website tools, suppliers and branding all worked out all ready. The motivating factor was creating an additional income stream to supplement our teacher incomes but also the personal fulfillment of running our own business and teaching children.

We both still work full-time so having the franchise means working evenings and Sat & Sun.

Had you run a business/been entrepreneurial previously?

No but we had always thought about running our own business. The business training was great!

What triggered you to start your business?

Not entirely happy with teaching salary, wanted to make more money.

What were your financial goals when you started? Have you achieved them? Do you have different goals now?

The goal when we started was to be able to finance Jen, to keep her on maternity leave as long as possible. Now the extra cash is a bonus as we are both back at work. When I <JACK> go part time at school next year we will plan to cover this loss of earnings.

We plan our finances around a simple calculation of the number of kids you can sign up and therefore number of venues or classes you need. Once a class is full word-of-mouth or visible marketing is good.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

Jen was doing about 2-3 hours per day when on maternity. This was to get 2 venues up and running each with 10 kids at least.

What is the best bit/most enjoyable thing about your business?

The money, the coaching and fulfillment of kids and parents enjoying the classes. The success and fulfillment of building a business.

What is the worst bit (least enjoyable) about your life (linked with your business) / business?

The marketing can be boring; handing out flyers, putting up posters, leaflet drops, going to nursery’s to engage with mums. Also the lack of time can be a frustrating.

How easy did (do) you find it to get clients?

Got full support from Sarah at Kiddikicks. School Fairs local events, nurseries, newsletters, birthday parties. We were concerned when trying to get the first few, but Sarah really helped. Having the Kiddikicks name really helped

Sarah really helped with some of the marketing leg-work and advice on who to target and who to call. Sarah helped put up posters, which schools to call, and who to go to. Primary school PE is not great and we find this a great revenue stream.

Would you choose to start another franchise business in future over starting a standalone business of your own? Why?

Not sure – depends. It definitely gives you more confidence and you become more entrepreneurial.

Are you glad you made the leap into starting your own franchise business?

Yes - we love it, and the extra cash!

Where do you plan to be in 3/5/10 years time?

Part-time teaching plus running a successful franchise business with more territories. We want to be the dominant force in toddler football in NW Surrey and then broaden the area.

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