Be your own boss!

Choose to stay in your current career!

Speak to others that have already done this before you start!

Make a difference in local children's lives!

We give you confidence to take the first step!


Make new friends in your area!

Be there for your children's precious early years!

Work with other similar business owners & benefit from their experiences!

Have your website, email address and IT done for you!

Have access to marketing materials already created!

Step-by-step approach to success!


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What is a franchise?

Put simply a franchise is a way of starting your own business that has been already proven to be successful in another geographical area. A franchise means you can have your own business, but you are not alone. Business materials and processes have already been designed for you to use. The franchise head office and other franchise holders in other areas support and advise you on how to get up and running and how to become successful. You are becoming part of something that WILL be successful if you put in the time and effort.

Starting your own business by yourself:

Starting your own business with franchise support:

What will my new business do?

I don't have experience in what I want to do

I don't have much business experience

How do I make a start?

I don't have confidence to get things moving

How do I create marketing materials?

What should I pay for marketing materials?

How do I create my website?

What should I pay for my business website?

How do I get my business on social media?

What should I pay for social media marketing?

Who should I advertise with to get a good return on investment?

How much should I pay for advertising?

How do I get my first customers?

Who should I call to work with schools?

How do I create a brand?

How do I make sure my business has a point of difference?

I am worried I might do things wrong

I am worried my progress will be slow

I am worried that I won't make money

I want this to be truly my business

Idea already formed and ready to start

You will receive training & constant advice

You will receive training & constant advice

Proven successful processes will be shared

Franchise support will give you confidence

These will be designed & created for you

These are all provided

You will receive your own website and email

This is included in your franchise fee

Help and advice is provided

This is included in your franchisee fee and help and advice is given

Receive advice from experienced business owners

Receive help advice & support

Get help and a process to follow

Get help, a process and advice

This has already been created for you

We already know why we get business and make sure we are ahead of the competition

Proven process means success - just copy!

We help so everything you do is effective

We help you so that you are successful

This is your business supported by us

Have much can I expect to make with my own business?

To give you an idea of the potential income from your dance, drama or children's yoga  business, we've put together some example projections. We believe in transparency and include in our projections the potential costs of running a business (overheads) including most of the outgoings that you will need to consider.

The legal bit - it is important to emphasise that the above figures are projections provided for the purpose to illustration and are not intended to be as statement, representation, warranty or guarantee of individual franchise earnings. Your success will largely be down to the amount of effort and time that you put in and your should expect it to take a while to become established. It is essential that prior to entering into the franchise, you satisfy yourself of the value of the investment you intend to make in terms of both time and money.

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